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Despot's Game: How to Build a Dystopian Army of Pretzel Throwers and Ninjas

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despots game dystopian army builder download

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Despot's Game: Dystopian Army Builder is a premium strategy game from the tinyBuild team. In this roguelike, pixel-art game, you are the titular despot tasked with building your own totalitarian army. Plunge the world into a dystopia of your own design. Develop and cultivate the army and sacrifice them in procedurally generated dungeons. Play against AI opponents or other human players.

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Players can now buy the roguelike army builder game on Steam with a 20% discount until August 11th. In order to celebrate the newly announced release date, publisher tinyBuild made the prequel of Despot's Game, Despotism 3K, free-to-keep for a limited time. Interested players can download the game on Steam until August 8th to experience its post-apocalyptic theme and battle against a well-designed villain protagonist.

"Those who already own the game will receive the DLC on launch. The 1.0 price will increase, so now is a great chance to pick the game up at the Early Access price and also become a proud owner of the upcoming DLC! By the way, the game is 20% off until August 11th. O Despot, O Kind, O Generous! " said publisher tinyBuild in the press release. Alongside a total of ten language support, Despot's Game will have an online PvP mode, allowing players to clash their dystopian armies with friends.

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There are five types of rooms in Despot's Game: Dystopian Army Builder. They can broadly be divided into food, upgrades, resupply, quests, and boss fights. Food plays an important role in-game. If you run out of food, the army will suffer from attrition. They will perform poorly in battle, which will end badly.

Despot's Game: Dystopian Army Builder is a rogue-like tactics army battler game, where you'll have to guide humans and sacrifice them through procedural dungeons as you encounter enemies, and other players.

Try not to die in this crazy game while you guide a group of naked people that just woke up in a strange post-apocalyptic labyrinth. Choose the weapons of your liking and transform your humans into powerful wizards, warriors, ninjas, cultists, and dozens of others. There are thousands of ways to build your great army, choosing perks and class combos. Tactical strategies in this indirect combat are key to success. Protect your summoners, aim with your food-throwers and fortify your lines with the fridge-movers.


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