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Hamlet Ivanov
Hamlet Ivanov

Maddie Ziegler - Looking For A Place Called Home (Full Dance)

Maddie performed this solo for Nationals in Beverley Hills (90210). She competed against Chloe and Justice (boy from Candy Apples). She also performed in the group dance in this episode called The Last Text. Maddie received 2nd overall for this solo. Chloe placed first and got a National title.

Maddie Ziegler - Looking for a Place Called Home (Full Dance)

This Maddie solo was very out of the ordinary for her. Chloe used to be the ballerina on the ALDC team, but Maddie decided to go to home schooling and started having ballet private lessons to work on her technique. She won 1st place overall with this gorgeous dance. 041b061a72


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