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The health and safety of our customers is our top priority. Pennsylvania American Water is monitoring the water quality of the Delaware River following a chemical release that occurred recently from a manufacturing plant into a tributary of the river in Bristol, Pa. The company has determined there is no impact to our Yardley Water Treatment Plant, which is 15 miles upstream of the chemical release and serves Yardley Borough, Lower Makefield Township, and part of Falls Township. We remain in regular communication with state and federal agencies regarding the situation. We will continue to monitor the source water and provide updates if we receive additional information or there are any developments.

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Start your career as an Over the Road (OTR) truck driver here. Those who become a company driver for Prime are eligible for a number of benefits, including health insurance, a 401(k) and paid vacation.

There's nothing quite like taking an easy drive in West Pittston as a way to relax and unwind, but a sudden auto accident can change that. Rest assured you'll have the right coverage by allowing Nationwide and Newhart Insurance Agency Inc. to take care of your auto insurance needs. Together, we work to remain up-to-date on your life with an On Your Side Review so that you're prepared for the unexpected.To help get things back to normal as quickly as possible, we take action well before an accident so that the resulting fallout won't cause you more headache. Our goal is to make sure your motorcycle, car, truck, RV, ATV, or van is restored to its former glory as soon as possible should you ever be involved in an accident. Newhart Insurance Agency Inc. will also make sure you reap the benefits of having an exemplary protection plan.Don't wait for disaster to strike before you take action to protect yourself, your vehicle, your passengers, and others on the road. We provide expertise and personalization to your life so that we can make sure you have the right coverage. Give us a call at (570) 654-0837 to discuss your options for a plan that meets your individual needs. We'd also be happy to see you in person at our location at 345 Wyoming Ave.

Newhart Insurance Agency Inc. can help you shop for one of the most important products you'll ever buy - the home insurance policy that will protect your home assets. Learn from our West Pittston agents what types of damages to include in your coverage and what claim amounts make sense for your property. For as tightly knit as West Pittston neighborhoods are, no two households are exactly the same, even within 18643.For this reason, Nationwide offers a number of different home insurance products for more personalized coverage. Dwelling coverage, for example, offers financial protection for floor coverings and built-in appliances. Contents coverage includes assets like furniture, clothing, and a few other essential belongings. Valuables Plus covers specific types of high-value items that you may keep in your West Pittston home. Or you can even take advantage of Nationwide's exclusive Brand New Belongings program. Best of all, there's no reason to feel overwhelmed by any of these decisions. Let Newhart Insurance Agency Inc. walk you through the options and clearly explain your policy choices. Simply give us a call at (570) 654-0837. Or, if you're in the 18643 area during office hours, swing by our West Pittston location at 345 Wyoming Ave, and we can discuss your home insurance options in person.

There's always something new happening at Labcorp. Visit our newsroom to get the latest news updates about our innovation, research and partnerships to improve health and improve lives around the world.

Workout whenever, wherever with the Y. Choose from hundreds of On-Demand classes, catch a LIVE online class with fan-favorite instructors from around the Greater Philadelphia Region, workout with LES MILLS at home, or browse the latest lifestyle and health articles.

Instead of going with glamour, Royce placed his bets where most funds weren't looking: a curious amalgam of obscure companies in distinctly unsexy businesses. No Microsofts, IBMs or Wal-Marts grace his portfolio. Ever hear of these guys? Fab Industries. Wescast. Preformed Line Products. Paul Mueller. They make knit fabrics, exhaust manifolds, cable anchors and milk coolers for dairy farms, respectively. Other stocks he owns involve teddy bears, radiation detectors and recreational vehicles. Oddballs, certainly--trailer trash to some pros.

"I would like to tell you that we discovered gold in the hills or a cave where they were minting money," Royce says, but in most cases, "the stocks that are doing well for us today are the stocks that we have owned for years." One stock that has done spectacularly well for Royce is one that you could never own shares in: the management company that handles his $5.3 billion fund family. Royce got it for next to nothing in 1973 by agreeing to be the manager of the tiny $5 million Pennsylvania Mutual fund. He sold the business to Baltimore-based Legg Mason last September for $115 million up front and as much as $100 million more if he meets certain goals for returns.

Smaller, though, is riskier, given that small caps have low liquidity and share prices that can fluctuate wildly on a wee bit of bad news. That's where good management comes in. Royce has almost two dozen analysts screening stocks for long-term value metrics such as historical earnings, revenue growth and longevity of management. Informal price targets give him an idea of when to cash out.

You can get a good idea of the flavor of these funds by perusing the industry categories cited in Pennsylvania Mutual's 2001 annual report. Two percent of the assets are tucked away in the "pumps, valves and bearings" sector, in such names as Roper Industries and NN. There's transportation, with Pittston Brink's Group and Frozen Food Express Industries. Some of this stuff sounds positively 19th century: Midwest Grain Products, Woodward Governor, Ash Grove Cement Co.

No hair-trigger trader here. Average annual turnover at the Pennsylvania fund since 1996: 28%. FORBES' 1984 profile of the fund mentions Kimball International, the piano and organ company. The Pennsylvania fund still owns it.

I am a Ph.D. sociologist and the author of The Secrets to Happiness at Work exploring happiness, fulfillment and work-life. I am also the author of Bring Work to Life by Bringing Life to Work, and a board member with the United Way of Greater Ottawa County and an executive council member with the Design Museum Everywhere. In addition, I'm an executive advisor to LikeMinded, the MSU Master of Industrial Mathematics Program and Coda Societies. I am also the vice president of workplace insight for Steelcase. In addition to my Ph.D. and MM, I hold a Master of Corporate Real Estate with a specialization in workplace. My work has been translated into 15 languages. Please feel free to reach out if you would like to connect.

I'm a breaking news reporter focusing on arts and entertainment. I previously worked as a features reporter at the New York Post, where I covered pop culture, and at the Boston Globe and I graduated from Emerson College in 2017 with a degree in journalism. Follow me on Twitter @MarisaDellatto or reach out at

DALLAS: Channel 9 came out. They wanted to do a report on noise in the South Bronx. And it was so quiet here that we had to go to another precinct for them to find the noise that they were looking for. So I thought that that was a very, very good sign.

MULLINS: For Living on Earth, I'm Lisa Mullins. The discovery of aerosol gases 900 miles off India's coast is raising questions about how pollutants can spread and affect the world's climate. University of Maryland professor Russell Dickerson found a sharp increase in sulfate aerosol far over the Indian Ocean. Sulfate aerosol is a principle component of acid rain. It can combine with clouds and affect temperatures. Dickerson says his discovery might explain how sending pollution into the atmosphere cools the Earth in some places and warms it in others.

SCHMIDT: There was some fear that oil from the road would harm a nearby salt marsh, a popular feeding ground for eagles. But state ecology officials say only a small portion of the marsh has been contaminated. Meanwhile, the Federal Highway Administration is preparing a set of recommendations for the use of recycled tires in all Federal highway products. For Living on Earth, I'm Jennifer Schmidt in Seattle. 041b061a72


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