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Bound By Flame Free Download

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Bound by Flame Free Download

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release of water dilutes the amount of fuel and avoids thecritical fuel/oxygen-ratio (physical action in the gas phase).Both essentially fight against ignition. In some fire tests, theignition has to be strongly delayed. Thus, metal hydroxides5 are suitable for these applications. Moreover, after the degra-dation, a ceramic-based-protective layer is created. Thisceramic-based layer improves the insulating property (physi-cal action in the condensed phase) and reveals a smoke sup-pressant effect (chemical action in the condensed phase). The10 ceramic-based protective layer ensures an efficient protectionof the polymer during the combustion leading to a severedecrease of the heat release.Layered double hydroxides ("LDH"), which may bereferred to as hydrotalcite ("HT") compounds, are used15 extensively as flame retardants. In particular, LDH as mag-nesium aluminum carbonate is used extensively as an additiveto PVC. LDH works as a filler, undergoes endothermicdecomposition in several steps, releases steam and carbondioxide, and soaks up HCl from the decomposing polymer.20 The LDH material must also be treated to improve crystallin-ity and aid deaggregation and dispersion. LDH is capable ofincorporating borate, trimetaphosphate, and anions contain-ing phenyl and benzyl groups. These may act as potential char25 promoters and free radical terminators.Phosphorus containing flame retardants usually act in thesolid phase of burning materials. When heated, the phospho-rus reacts to give a polymeric form of phosphoric acid (nomi-nally HPO3). This acid causes the material to char, inhibiting30 the "pyrolysis" process (break down and release offlammablegases) which is necessary to feed flames.Different phosphorus containing flame retardants can beeither simply mixed into plastics (and then held in the mate-rial when the plastic sets) or be reactive, and chemically bind35 into the plastic molecules at polymerization. This will dependon the properties required of the plastic in terms of finishedproduct performance, facility of processing (melting, extru-sion, moulding) and flame retardancy (temperature of onsetof the charring process). Phosphorus based flame retardants40 vary from elemental red phosphorus (P), which is oxidized tophosphoric acid with heat, to complex P-containing organicmolecules offering specific performance properties. Certainproducts contain both phosphorus, halogen, and/or nitrogen,thus combining the different flame retarding mechanisms of45 these elements.Phosphorus-containing additives refer to a wide range ofcompounds. These include halogenated phosphorus and non-halogenated phosphorus compounds. Non-halogenatedphosphorus compounds include red phosphorus, water-50 soluble inorganic phosphates, ammonium phosphate andpolyphosphate, organophosphates and phosphonates andphosphine oxide. Monoammonium phosphate and diammo-nium phosphate achieve good FR properties in a wide rangeof cellulosic-based materials such as textiles, woven or non-55 woven, paper and wood. Ammonium and melamine phos-phates and polyphosphates, often mixed with pentaerythritol,behave similarly. The mechanism is a chemical one in con-densed phase. The char formation results from esterificationof hydroxyl groups with the phosphoric acid. However, the60 solubility of such additives leads to aging problems. Redphosphorus is a very efficient flame retardant for oxygenatedpolymers. Coated red phosphorus is commercially used as aflame retardant for nylon electrical parts. To inhibit its igni-tion in the air, red phosphorus is encapsulated in a high65 concentration of polymer. Therefore, commercial additivesnever contain more than 50 wt. %. Moreover, its toxicity andred color are the reasons why its use is not extensive.

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IMPORTANT-READ THESE TERMS CAREFULLY BEFORE DOWNLOADING THIS DOCUMENT. By downloading the ASTM Document you are entering into a contract, and acknowledge that you have read this License Agreement, that you understand it and that you agree to be bound by its terms. If you do not agree to the terms of this License Agreement, promptly exit this page without downloading the ASTM Document. 041b061a72


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