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In the month of May 1799 Coleridge set out with a party of his fellow-students on a walking tour through the Harz Mountains, an excursionproductive of much oral philosophising on his part, and of thecomposition of the Lines on ascending the Brocken, not one of thehappiest efforts of his muse. As to the philosophising, "he never," saysone of his companions on this trip, "appeared to tire of mental exercise;talk seemed to him a perennial pastime, and his endeavours to inform andamuse us ended only with the cravings of hunger or the fatigue of a longmarch, from which neither his conversational powers nor his stoicismcould protect himself or us." It speaks highly for the matter ofColeridge's allocutions that such incessant outpourings during amountaineering tramp appear to have left no lasting impression ofboredom behind them. The holiday seems to have been thoroughly enjoyedby the whole party, and Coleridge, at any rate, had certainly earnedit. For once, and it is almost to be feared for the last time in hislife, he had resisted his besetting tendency to dispersiveness, andconstrained his intelligence to apply itself to one thing at a time.He had come to Germany to acquire the language, and to learn what ofGerman theology and metaphysics he might find worth the study, and hisfive months' steady pursuit of the former object had been followed byanother four months of resolute prosecution of the latter. He attendedthe lectures of Professor Blumenbach, and obtained through a fellow-student notes from those of Eichhorn. He suffered no interruption inhis studies, unless we are to except a short visit from Wordsworthand his sister, who had spent most of their stay abroad in residenceat Gozlar; and he appears, in short, to have made in every way the bestuse of his time. On 24th June 1799 he gave his leave-taking supper atGöttingen, replying to the toast of his health in fluent German butwith an execrable accent; and the next day presumably he started on hishomeward journey.

Fear The Walking Dead Saison 1 FRENCH HDTV

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