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[S5E2] What's Will Got To Do With It

Even close business associates are distancing themselves because of the tainted history that Dilpher is trying to drag Mick into. Since we know that Dilpher's attorneys will use Connor (without his knowledge) to get inside information, they've got a lot to juggle in the coming months.

[S5E2] What's Will Got to Do with It

That they weather their stormy moments so casually ensures they're going to have a great marriage. Sure, there will always be trials, but they're off to a great start dealing with them without harming their relationship.

Carissa Pavlica is the managing editor and a staff writer and critic for TV Fanatic. She's a member of the Critic's Choice Association, enjoys mentoring writers, conversing with cats, and passionately discussing the nuances of television and film with anyone who will listen. Follow her on Twitter and email her here at TV Fanatic.

While in Gilead, Janine and Esther are preparing for another kind of ceremony. The Handmaid's Tale season 5 reveals Esther is being prepared for her posting as a Handmaid. Knowing what they go through, Esther is terrified as she heads to Commander Putnam's house for Fred's wake. Janine is also upset when pondering Esther's future, but, after the wake, Esther sees a way out. Presumably thanking Janine for her guidance, Esther shares some food with Janine, but before long, they are both coughing up blood - Esther has poisoned their food. The episode ends with Janine and Esther's fate in question, while June looks on and sees Serena plant a kiss on Hannah's forehead, a taunt that will likely spur June's design for revenge further and potentially set up the rest of the season.

Esther and Janine's future in The Handmaid's Tale is important, and it's unlikely that they will succumb to the poison they consume in season 5, episode 2's ending. While Aunt Lydia, Commander Lawrence, and Nick all serve as portals into the exploration of Gilead, Esther and Janine's experiences are key to the show going forward - they carry on the story of the Handmaids that began in season 1 of the show. Esther poisoning Janine comes after her experience with Commander Putnam, an extremely offputting scene that shows him feeding the young girl chocolate, just a taste of the abuse she will experience as a Handmaid. Esther wants to avoid this fate and is also seemingly mad at Janine for assuaging her worries about being posted. While they are in dire straights in The Handmaid's Tale season 5, episode 2 ending, Janine and Esther will likely live to see another day.

The hate between Serena and June ebbs and flows - they both have a begrudging respect for each other that has influenced a lot of their decisions in the show. That all changed when June murdered Fred and Serena's response to this proves she's just as dangerous as June, if not moreso. Serena has always wielded her status in Gilead as a weapon and that problem is only exacerbated because of June's actions. Serena's former Handmaid has turned her into a widow and an unmarried pregnant woman which, in the eyes of Gilead, is not an acceptable position to be in. In the eyes of the world, though, Serena is now a sympathetic figure. She will certainly use that going forward, both as leverage in her dealings with Gilead and the rest of the world, and as a shield against any potential retaliation June may seek.

Graeme Guttmann is the Senior TV News Editor for Screen Rant, as well as a critic and interviewer. From reading about Brad & Angelina in Star Magazine at 11 years old to predicting last year's Oscars winners with frightening accuracy, his love for pop culture knows no bounds and will seemingly never die. Graeme joined the Screen Rant team in 2020 as a freelancer before becoming an editor for the news team in 2021. He no longer reads Star Magazine, but he does read just about everything else. In addition to his work at Screen Rant, Graeme is also a Masters of Fine Arts candidate at Emerson College in Boston, MA with a concentration in poetry. You can follow him on Twitter @pentagraeme.

People love these wolves and follow their movements. They even have their own Facebook pages, and some supporters wear T-shirts with their faces. If they learn the wolves have been killed, all hell will break loose.

One of the reasons for that speculation is my belief that Fred will retire at the end of this series and that Jim Strange will be moved to another station. I wrote about this in my previous review and it may have been unsuspectingly verified by Shaun Evans in his interview with BBC Radio Oxford. (Click here to listen to that interview). In that interview he said that at the end of the series they all go there separate ways when the Thames Valley merger happens.

With his righthand man Wags (David Costabile), and Taylor (Asia Kate Dillon), who seems to be fully on his side at the moment, Bobby plans to approach a number of people that will help him to advance his plan for bringing psychoceuticals onto the market. Wags is assigned to butter things up with the soon-to-be F.D.A head Simon Shenk (Darren Goldstein), which does not end up as buttery as we expected. The reason is not that Wags fails to smooth-talk Simon, but more of a personal fiasco that happens after he sees his daughter Mandi at a strip club.

In King's Landing, Cersei Lannister is presented with the severed head of yet another dwarf. Her offer of a lordship for Tyrion's head has indeed motivated people to start killing any dwarf they can find and try to pass it off as Tyrion. Cersei is irate, but won't punish the men who brought her the head for fear this will deter other such bounty hunters. She wants the head disposed of, but Qyburn interjects and politely asks if he can keep the head, as it might be of use in some of his "experiments."

Cersei summons Jaime to their late father's office and reveals a "gift" from Dorne: an ornately carved viper, with Princess Myrcella's unique Lannister pendant suspended from its fangs. She insists it is a threat against Myrcella, a conclusion Jaime can't refute. Cersei lashes out at Jaime for not being a father to any of his children, to which he points out that if he had been, their children would be stoned in the streets. He declares he will fix the situation with Myrcella and ignores Cersei's mocking of his one-handed status.

That issue dealt with, Cersei convenes the Small Council. Sitting in the Hand's seat, she announces that the King has declared Qyburn the new Master of Whisperers and that the position of Hand of the King will remain vacant until Tommen is old enough to decide on a candidate for himself. Tommen has apparently also decided to make Mace Tyrell the new Master of Coin in addition to his duties as Master of Ships, and extends the (just now made up) position of "Master of War" to Kevan Lannister. Although Mace preens at his new responsibilities, Pycelle is outraged at Qyburn's promotion (as he was thrown out of the order of Maesters for conducting human experimentation). Kevan is disgusted at Cersei's blatant power play. Refusing the new position, he denounces Cersei as nothing more than the Queen Mother, berates her for abusing her authority to fill the Small Council with her sycophants. He then walks out, saying he will await King Tommen's own instructions - at Casterly Rock.

Further north in the Crownlands at Castle Stokeworth, Bronn is spending time with his somewhat vapid betrothed Lollys Stokeworth. They seem to get on relatively well, but when Lollys reminds Bronn that her older sister will get the castle when their mother dies, he wryly assures her that mean people like her sister usually get what's coming to them, clearly setting his sights on the castle. Jaime finds the couple, and reveals to Bronn that Cersei has reneged on her deal and offered Lollys's hand to Ser Wyllis Bracken instead. Bronn is understandably furious about the change of arrangements until Jaime tells him that if he helps rescue Myrcella from Dorne, Bronn will receive a much better girl than Lollys, who has rights to a much better castle.

In the Water Gardens of Dorne, Ellaria Sand rudely demands an audience with Doran Martell, the ruling Prince of Dorne. His bodyguard, Areo Hotah, blocks her path, yet Doran tells him to let her pass. She wants to take Princess Myrcella, who at that very moment is enjoying Trystane Martell's company, so that she can send the princess piece by piece to Cersei as revenge for Oberyn Martell's murder. Doran refuses, reminding her that Oberyn had participated in a trial by combat, and therefore his death was legal, and not murder. He states Dorne will not stoop to the level of mutilating children while he rules, even if the Sand Snakes are siding with Ellaria. Sneering, Ellaria asks how long he expects to rule for and storms out. Hotah and the Prince exchange a look as she departs, the former meaningfully indicating his axe, but Doran shakes his head and returns his attention to the Water Gardens as he contemplates his next move.

Back at the Great Pyramid, Daenerys and her council debate executing this Harpy's Son, but the debate devolves into a shouting match between Mossador and Hizdahr zo Loraq. After the rest leave, Ser Barristan tells her about her father, and confirms that, contrary to what Viserys told her, the Mad King was indeed quite mad, citing how his crimes against House Stark ultimately led to the rebellion that all but destroyed the Targaryen dynasty. Mollified by the revelation, particularly that her crazed father always thought his atrocities were serving justice to his enemies, Daenerys promises Ser Barristan that there will be a trial for the accused. Before the trial begins, Mossador kills the Harpy's Son. Daenerys, hoping to preserve the integrity of law, has Mossador publicly executed, causing the freed slaves to hiss at her and throw rocks at her as she leaves, along with a riot between the former slaves and masters breaking out.

Shireen Baratheon teaches Gilly how to read in Castle Black's library, apparently to Sam's chagrin. Gilly asks about Shireen's Greyscale scars, revealing that the wildlings don't really have a word for it and that two of her sisters contracted and were driven mad by the disease, before Craster put them out of their misery. Queen Selyse interrupts the proceedings and dismisses Sam and Gilly. She lectures Shireen on the dangers of spending time with any wildlings, since they could conceivably use Gilly to harm Stannis through Shireen. Shireen, however, doubts that that's how things will go. 041b061a72


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