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Bushwick's queer renaissance thrives at this laid-back spot, at which there's drag without a high ticket price, dirty dance parties and backyard hangs are the order of the day. Grab a cheap happy hour special and relax into a cozy couch; you're certain to make new friends.

If I had adapted the Japanese series for Chinese audiences, my screenplay would have been something like this: The protagonist would have been a salesman or saleswoman and a frequent flyer, who flies to different Chinese cities on business and enjoys midnight snacks there with his or her friends or business contacts.

In Guangzhou, Guangdong province, another city known for its night dining scene, our protagonist would meet his/her friends in a dim sum restaurant to have "night tea" to enjoy the rich variety of dim sums with tea.

Local health authorities had come some days later to take the sample for the rest of us.They had called and apprised him about our results. Fortunately my daughter and the nanny were fine. Strictly wearing masks inside the house and confining activities to specific rooms had helped. I was the only one who was going to the room my husband was confined to, to take care of his meals, room cleaning, medicines and other requirements. Wearing masks and gloves.

There is so much stigma and fear factor associated with Covid which makes even the simple decision of opting for the test seems like a courageous decision- or a foolish one- depending on which side of the spectrum one views it from. There were many within family and friends who advised not to go for test since the signs were mild, the after effects- quarantine, lack of household support, intrusion by end no of authorities, the stigmatization- will be more painful than the disease itself. Self isolation in one room, having lots of vitamins and natural immunity boosters with hot water was the way to go, as per well wishers. Probably it was, but it would not have been morally and ethically correct. As law abiding and responsible members of the society we have certain duties, and I am proud of the fact that my husband opted for the right, even if inconvenient, path. Truth is invariably difficult.

I am equally grateful for the silver linings. For living in a society which has been cooperation personified- in the quarantine we can order whatever essentials we require and the security guards at the tower deliver it at our door and intercom us to open the door and take delivery. For the Work colleagues cum friends who are concerned enough to enquire daily and genuinely listen. For the close friends who have been in touch daily. For the colleague who on his own purchased and delivered four doses of medicinal boosters for my household at my society to be delivered to me-notwithstanding the fact that he stays at the other end of the city and seldom ventures out of his home otherwise. My understanding manager and work team for respecting my choice to continue working but at my own pace and convenience during this time, without undue pressure on delivery. My amazing full time househelp who told me very firmly that she would continue to look after my daughter and step in to do the additional household work during this time (this was before my daughter and she was tested) and will not confine herself to her room. God for taking care of my daughter during this time- it would have been triply difficult to take care of an autistic child suffering from Covid. For the moral support from both set of my parents and close relatives. Last but definitely the most important - my spouse - for looking after me well during the period. While during the initial stage I was the caregiver, the roles have now got reversed. From constantly reminding me to take medication on time, to feeding me soups, fruits and milk, to patiently asking me to take more rest than I have been taking; we have become cheerleaders for each other during this phase. All the decisions that we take in our life are half chances, and I am fortunate that my most important decision of choosing my life partner has been the right one. My world may have been confined and will continue to be so to the four walls of my home for a few days, but then people I am at home with are my world.

Above all, I have come to appreciate the that it is the simple things in life that makes up its charm. My aspirations were quite different 6 months back. Now my strongest desire is to breathe in the open air without wearing masks, greet friends fearlessly with a handshake and make it to my brother's wedding-which is in another city- without having to wear face masks and shields. Unfortunately it took a pandemic for me to understand the significance of the mundane. Fortunately it is never too late, either in fiction or life, to re-pivot and revise.


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